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Straight seam steel pipe market transaction has a significan Published:2013-09-16   Source:


       After continuing to fall in the prices of straight seam steel pipe for one month, merchants have saw the singns of a sustained recovery on straight seam steel pipe market via rising prices, rising volume and falling stockpils at the end of March. The market eventually is going to be overpowering in our expectation. 

      “Along with the increase of the market demand, the market transaction gradually raised ex-works turn good,”said BaiJin Long, the sales and marketing assistant manager of Tianjin shun tak trading co., Ltd. After the meeting of NPC and CPPCC, with the development of large-scale construction project, falling stockpils and growing market, the market signs of further obvious in these days.

      "We've already broken the sales record 1 billion by the end of March," said WongFu Yong, the president of Beijing PuDe metal group, "We can create an excellent performance in this year. We haven't lost money in January and February; we've been starting turning a profit since March. The steel trade business are not earning less money like what people imagined, actually, many small enterprises are getting success in this market environment."

       Review the straight seam steel pipe market condition in early Match, the market had neither bounced back, nor increased demand.

       Under the influences of the policies of strengthen regulation of the real estate market and blouted inventory, the steel market continued sliding downhill in early March.

       Until 20th, the steel market raised first then falls: the soaring rised, but didn't last long, several days later, the market showed a decline trend shocks. "the recent market trend get repeated shocks, goes up today and down in tommorw, as a carrot and stick", some merchants even complained the market perceived as perennial losers. They concerned that the market can really warming mightbe in the first and second ten days of April. 

       In a more protracted slowdown, merchants think, the main couse of this phenomenon is many local governments temporarily blocked the large-scale construction project during the two sessions this year. They also point out that many policies will be carried out which could help improve the market transaction, probably will drive demand grows and prices up since the two sessions.


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