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Advanced steel pipe automatic palletizing machine Published:2013-06-06   Source:


At present, the domestic manufacturer used by packaging process mainly adopts the artificial method, compared with foreign advanced bundling machine, there are a lot of shortcomings:
(1) Steel pipe bundle shaping is not completed in the special forming mechanism, the shape of the tube bundle cannot be guaranteed. This is easy to make packing belt uneven stress and cracking, even cause the phenomenon of steel pipe bundle off.

(2) Steel tube packaging cannot be adapted to the harsh environment, such as line pipe’s banding under high temperature.

(3) Each process of baling needs to be done manually, the low level of automation, has seriously cannot meet the needs of the production of the modern steel enterprises.
(4) Much person, large labor intensity, large costs of enterprise labor, etc

Nanjing Zhongqing Machine Making Co., Ltd, based on the research of the steel tube bundling machine, learn foreign advanced technology, designed the advanced steel pipe automatic banding machine production line, satisfied with customers' requirements. The production line to meet production requirements and ensure productivity as the prerequisite, meets advanced technology, reasonable economy, run stable and reliable, high degree of automation, reduce labour intensity of workers, improve the work efficiency, guarantee the packaging quality of steel pipe bundle; Combined with subsequent weighing process, related to the output of the information edition, enterprises to improve digital management platform provides a rise.
The characteristics of the steel tube packing machine:

(1) Convenient maintenance, simple and safe operation; High reliability;

(2) The baled steel pipe will not easy to loose and damage during transportation and storage.

(3) Flexibility. It can meet the packaging requirements of rectangular tube and round pipe.

(4) Reasonable degree of automation. All sport status displayed on the screen.

(5) High efficiency, low energy consumption, saving cost;

(6) Reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions, do not pollute the environment;

(7) Have development space, when need to upgrade it can be add appropriate configuration;

The technical parameters of steel tube packing machine:

(1) Size: Φ33.4 mm -Φ219 mm

(2) Wall thickness: 2.0mm - 10.0 mm

(3) Speed: meet the rhythm of the welded pipe production line, 100 m/ min

(4) Steel pipe packing length: 5800 mm - 12200 mm

(5) Shape of steel tube packing: six rhombus or square or rectangle.

(6) Single bundle of maximum weight: 500 kg  

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