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Composite pipe production line Published:2013-05-30   Source:


Double metal composite tube in carbon steel pipe or alloy steel pipe for the base material, give full play to the carbon steel and alloy steel pipe excellent mechanical performance and cheap characteristics: made from corrosion resistant alloy material liner, so that the dual metal pipe has excellent corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties.  

Stainless steel mulriple pipe made of stainless steel and carbon structural steel two kinds of metal materials using nondestructive pressure synchronous compound and into, both stainless steel corrosion resistant wear resistance and beautiful appearance, as well as carbon steel good flexural strength and impact resistance. Conform to the national energy saving and universal principles. Widely used in bridge guardrail, decoration, car accessories, conveyor roller, textile machinery accessories and other fields.  

Adopt original forming, composite technology and a full set of computer digital control technology  



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