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Brief introduction:
Pass of cold bending roll is developed and analyzed using progressive COPRA pass design system to shorten pass adjusting time greatly. Rolls are manufactured on CNC machine tool. More than 48 passes can be used for forming. Roll material uses high precision materials such as high chromium molybdenum titanium and GCr15 characterized by wear resistance, heat resistance, and fatigue resistance. Our company has whole set of equipment for metal cold working and hot working, and has many years of production experiences. Our precision molds are manufactured with progressive heat treatment equipment and technology. Our products are characterized by good integral hardness penetration, high hardness, high wear resistance, and good reusability after redressing to suit requirements of continuous high load production.
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【 Detailed description 】

Specifications and parameters

Copra cold bending simulation technology
Cold roll bending technology is considered to be an art of imperfection in the past, with defects and problems showing up frequently during roll installation and commissioning. By using trial and error method, hidden defects of cold roll forming technology can only be found out after all rolls are manufactured and installed—which is very costly and time consuming. data M had recognized this very early and had focused on developing a roll forming simulation program to overcome all these drawbacks. Now, copra roll forming simulation technology is capable of foreseeing all problems that may arise during practical production precisely.

Forged steel cold roll
(1)Rolls for high frequency pipe welding line (rolls for round pipeφ4.6-φ630 and square/rectangular pipe 10×10-500×500)
(2)Rolls for rolling forming line (rolls for square/rectangular profile 10×10-500×500, channel steel, hat shape steel, sharp corner rectangular profile, guard rail, hollow steel window, container, corrugated sheet and various open and close profile for use in vehicles and railway cars)
(3)Cage rolls for spiral weld pipe mill
(4)Rolls for push-pull mill (draw bench)
(5)Rolls for stainless steel pipe welding line
(6)Straightening roll
(7)Supporting roll
Material: GCr15, Cr12MoV, 9Cr2Mo, copper, nylon
Squeezing roll: 3Cr2W8V、4Cr5MoSiV1
Max. roll outer diameter may reach up to 2000mm.
(1)Use CAD system to help the customer to develop rolls for round pipe, square/rectangular pipe (direct shaping into square/rectangular or from round to square/rectangular), and various complex open/close profiles free of charge.
(2)According to mill structure (secondary modification), use combined roll pieces for shaping to save roll cost.

Shear blade
(1)Disc shear blades for slitting line
(2)Uncoiler disc shear blades for high frequency pipe welding line and spiral weld pipe mill
(3)Crosscutter shear blade (guillotine shear blade)
(4)Slitting shear blades for hot/cold rolling
(5)Other shaped blades.
Rolling cutter (pipe cutter)
Round pipe saw cutter for medium/large rolling mill.
Saw disc for metal cold cutting.
Mainly used in cold cutting saw of high frequency pipe welding line for pipe cut-to-length. In addition, it can also be used in small profile rolling line for cold cutting of channel steel and angle steel.
Conical rolling bearing
Model: :7206E、7208E、7209E、3984、426

Material: GC r15


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