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Brief introduction:

Spiral accumulator is indispensable equipment in high frequency pipe welding line. It is used to store steel strip to ensure continuous and efficient operation of pipe welding line at high speed. Steel strip stored in the accumulator can supply normal operation of the main machine during cutting and butt welding operation when changing steel coil.

This machine is characterized by compact structure, large storage capacity, independent support, light weight, smooth operation, easy maintenance, easy and reliable adjusting of strip feeding speed, and good adaptability to different strip sizes. Working principle: Hydraulic cylinder of material feeding unit holds down the strip firmly. The feeding motor drives the feeding roller to fill strip into the accumulator cage by friction. The ground roller main motors drive rotation of 13 ground rolls to reel up steel strip for storage in the inner and outer storage area in opposite directions. The main drive will stop after one coil is finished, and will resume feeding after finishing cutting (of strip ends) and welding.
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【Detailed description】

Spiral accumulator can be customized to suit different strip width.

Storage capacity
≤ 600m

Strip width

δ1.5 ~ δ 4mm

Strip thickness

190 ~ 440m

Feeding speed

Adjustable between 21~ 260m /min, normal operating speed is 200m /min.

Accumulator cage maximum diameter

Accumulator cage minimum diameter
Feeding motor model
1 variable frequency motor YVP 200L 1-4-B3; power 30kW; revolution speed 5~100Hz, infinite speed adjusting
Ground roll main motor model
13 YVP -112M -4 motors; power 4*13=52kW; revolution speed 5~100Hz, infinite speed adjusting
Dimensions of main machine
Φ6800× 1600mm
Dimensions of auxiliary unit (I)— feeding unit
1700mm × 900mm × 1300mm
Dimensions of auxiliary unit (II)— discharging unit
Weight of main machine and auxiliary units

Equipment composition

Support bracket→cross roll guide device→pinching device→feeding guide→conveyor roller table→rotary drum→support bracket 2→discharge device


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