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Brief introduction::
This machine is used in High Frequency Pipe Welding Line to crop and chamfer pipe ends. It uses mechanical and servo drive to finish pipe end cropping and chamfering automatically by electrical control. It is characterized by rational design, compact structure, smooth running, reliable working, simple operation and easy maintenance..
1、Use quick change gantry type horizontal roll device.
Every four horizontal rolls are assembled as one group on bedplate of quick-change device. They can be pre-assembled and adjusted offline to facilitate product change over and save time.
2、Use horizontal roll stand of high rigidity and high accuracy.
Roll stand uses monolithic steel casting of highly rigid design to eliminate deformation. Horizontal roll shaft uses stepped axial positioning, with all positioning surfaces pre-treated by one single treatment in workshop. There is no need for the customer to make any adjustment during production.
3、Forming passes are provided in adequate quantities to ensure finished product quality.
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【Detailed description】

Specifications and parameters of end cropping and chamfering equipment

End cropping diameter
4” ~ 8”

Pipe length

5~ 20m

Kerf length

3~ 5mm

End cropping speed

4~8 pipes/min

PC fully automatic control

Max .1800mm
Total feed travel
120mm (slow travel 10mm , quick travel adjustable)

Brief description of process procedures of end cropper:

After cutting, steel pipes are transported by conveyor roller table to stopping device for buffering. Then proximity switch under conveyor roller table issues signal and air cylinder transfers steel pipes onto loading rack for separating. Steel pipes are separated (by separating air cylinder and movable stop plate air cylinder) two by two and put onto line-up roller table for lining up at one end by air cylinder. Before lining up, slide bar of repositioning device on the end cropper moves into position (by hydraulic cylinder), proximity switch signals the clamping hydraulic cylinder to clamp the pipe tightly until signaling position. Then the repositioning slide bar resets and issues a signal. The milling head will feed quickly into position and press the combination switch to issue signal for work feeding. After completing work feeding, the milling head will reside for 0.5s before issuing signal for quick retreating. After milling head returning to initial position, a signal is issued to release the clamp (two separating cycle shall be finished within time period of work feeding and quick retreating, i.e. steel pipes have been put onto line-up roller table and lined up). Stepping machine is then signaled to start pipe loading and unloading at same time. When unloading the first steel pipe, movable stop plate of unloading rack is in pulled down position. After the first steel pipe is unloaded, Steel pipes slide of unloading rack raises to stop the second steel pipe. After 5 seconds (adjustable according to cut-to-length), movable stop plate pulls down to allow the second steel pipe to drop onto discharge roller table to repeat above operation. One cycle will last 30~20 seconds. For testing, the cycle time can be set to 30 seconds to crop two pipes in one cycle. This machine works in conjunction with flying saw. Pipes cut off by flying saw shall not have too many burrs. The end cropper can only mill one end face each time. Two work stations are provided to crop left and right end faces respectively.

Equipment composition:

End cropping and chamfering equipment is composed of line-up device→signaling device→motor with brake→stepping machine→main machine.


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