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Brief introduction:
Cage forming mill is new type high precision small diameter thin wall pipe welding equipment developed on basis of introduced technology to suit practical application conditions in China. Finished pipe is characterized by scratch free surface and high pipe diameter accuracy (±0.05mm), and high cut-to-length accuracy (±3mm). It is characterized by roll saving, electricity saving, high efficiency and high automation degree when producing either square pipe or round pipe. For product size change-over, only minimum amount of rolls needs to be changed and can be finished in very short time. Operation is fully electrized or automatized. Changing over between round pipe and square pipe can be realized through simply and quick adjustment without dismantling the equipment. CFSR technology (cage forming for square and round) provides a new solution to the worldwide problem of square/round pipe change-over and is the most progressive forming mill in the world.
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Specifications and parameters of cage forming mill


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