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Directly Forming to Square pipe welding line Published:2022-05-20   Source:

 Produce range: all square/rectangular pipe sizes within mill strength and shaft length.
★Series of square/rectangular pipes can be produced by
one set of combined rolls.
★More suitable for producing high-strength and thick-walled pipes
★Rolls adjusting is time saving, safe and accurate.
★Low energy consumption

The production line only needs to be equipped with a set of classified and combined rolls to produce all the products in outline; when changing the specifications, the time for adjusting rolls position, commissioning to the finished product is less than 1 hours. When adjusting rolls position, the arch and the roll shafts are not disassembly; the rolls adjustment is time-saving, safe and accurate, and the downtime of rolls changing is reduced by 75% compared with the type of the same specification of the round-to-square tube mill, and the downtime of rolls changing is reduced by more than 45% compared with the same specification tube mill..
The forming frame adopts a box-type structure, and the horizontal rolling force is internally offset; the frame is not deformed and has good stability. The quality of the products is stable; the rolls outer diameter are small, the forming driving force required for the forming process is small, and the energy consumption required for production is low.



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