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During the Mid-Autumn festival in 2014 our factory finished Published:2014-09-11   Source:



          With the consistent efforts of all employees, our company successfully completed packing tasks of which Mexico's exports of New 10 inch pipe mill lasted for six days, in September 9, 2014.
          Tight schedule, heavy workload, more difficult in packing; 12 container, 340 pieces of goods, more than 270 tons of equipment, we went through a big challenge we haven’t met before. Fortunately, to insure the continuity packing, our workers gave up the Middle Autumn’s Festival holiday and give all-waves consideration to customer, fearing neither hardship nor tired. From the layout container placement to fixed equipment, lifting, removing, bundling, all of us try to make each link to achieve the best. After 6 consecutive days, workload more than 10 hours an average day, the afternoon of September 9th our company finally completed the arduous task of packing, and won the customer satisfaction and praise.




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