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Attending 2014 National Steel Deep Processing Seminar Published:2014-05-27   Source:



        In 2014 the national steel deep processing seminar was co sponsored by the China Metal Institute, steel rolling branch of China metal institute, Hebei metallurgical institute and Tianjin metal association on May 26-27, held in Tianjin. YuBing representative, general manager of our company was recommended as the member of the metal material deep processing branch committee Chinese Metal Association, attended the meeting.

        Because of China's iron and steel industry is facing the challenges of structural adjustment, overcapacity, resource and environment pressure increasing, by expanding the scale to improve overall economic efficiency approach has won't work. With the requirement of new industries for the performance of steel and other raw materials and services continue to improve and change, to the downstream extension of the service transformation is the inevitable development of iron and steel enterprises. The conference invited experts summarize and analysis of research in our country steel products deep processing, China's steel deep processing industry on the development model, technical route, technology etc.

       In the field of iron and steel enterprises, steel processing related experts, scholars, scientific and technological workers and managers took an active part in the meeting. 



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